I have such a love-hate relationship with my SUP. Some mornings I leap out of bed, so eager am I to "walk on water," as my good friend calls it. Other mornings I dread it, aching muscles and clean white sheets singing a siren song of sleep. On those mornings, my board is the giant … Continue reading SUP LOVE (AND HATE)


Recommended: Jawline

Jawline, a Hulu original production, is a fascinating documentary reminiscent of 2018’s Minding the Gap. The study of a would-be social media influencer, the film follows a naive teen from a hometown just like my own who tries to monetize his online personality. It’s easy to see why Jawline’s Austyn Tester is tempted by life … Continue reading Recommended: Jawline

We’re growing meat in laboratories.

We’re growing meat in laboratories now. Well, not me, and probably not you, but some people.  Kinda crazy, right? The newest technology starts with a small sample of animal tissue that’s “fed” a mixture of proteins and other nutrients, mostly from fetal bovine serum, and grown into a substance that emulates the original tissue in … Continue reading We’re growing meat in laboratories.

Kathryn knew what she was doing…

I don’t know how these became Kathryn Hepburn brownies...There are a few different stories about how she came to reveal the recipe. Doesn’t matter really, just know they are (a) scrumptious, (b) easy to make, and (c) as good an excuse as any to remember this plucky modern woman who never shied away from speaking … Continue reading Kathryn knew what she was doing…

Central Coast Slices

It’s hard to explain the draw of California's Central Coast. It envelopes you, the fog and clouds separating you from thoughts of real life, allowing your mind to wander.  It fills the eyes with shades of green, ocher, blue and gray, vast landscapes of earth, water, sky.  Light, sometimes hazy and soft and sometimes bright … Continue reading Central Coast Slices